New Features

Round-trip interoperability with Microsoft OOXML, particularly for DOCX, as well as legacy RTF, has also improved considerably. A new import filter for Abiword documents has also been added.

Massive parallel calculations of formula cells using GPU via OpenCL are now possible thanks to our new formular interpreter. (Kohei Yoshida, Tor Lillqvist, Michael Meeks, Markus Mohrhard, AMD, MultiCoreWare)

Thumbnails of open documents now grouped by application and a list of recent documents, both showing on the task bar.

LibreOffice 4.2 offers a new Start screen, with a cleaner layout that makes better use of the available space - even on netbooks - and shows a preview of the last documents.

A simplified interface to customize your deployments of LibreOffice with better group policy controls as well as a new expert's configuration assistant greatly improve the LibreOffice deployments inside corporate environments using Microsoft Windows.